Fuck Love
By pornpussy
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"I said fuck love because what's love when they don't love you back?" **** "You know shits real when you can't even fucking sleep." **** "When a girl cries over a guy you know she's in love and that she's hurt" **** "I love you" "I don't love you." "Can we just be friends?" "I'll try to be your friend. But I want more" "I care about you but it's not the same way you care about me." "I hurt you. I shattered you and for that I'm truly sorry." "You can fix it. Just try" "I can't fix. Because I don't know how to." "No you can't fix it because you don't want. You don't want to. You don't want to try. Please try for me. For us." "I can't I want you in my life but as my friend. I remember a time where you were a great friend." "Well I don't want to be your friend. So leave my life." ~~~ A diary of a girl about love and heartbreak and all the stages leading up to healing.

I love you

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Fuck Love
by pornpussy