Broken Soul (Larry...
By Larrys_Girl
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"What are you doing here?" Louis didn't know what surprised him the most; the sharp tone Harry was using or that he had talked to him. No matter what, he found himself blinking at the alpha. "Excuse me?" "You heard me," Harry muttered, narrowing his cold, green eyes at him. Louis remained calm as he studied the alpha's features. "Harry, is it? Nice to meet you. I'm Louis," he said, sticking his hand out. He was positive Harry wouldn't take it, but he wouldn't come off as weak only because this was the most powerful alpha in town. Harry sent him an unimpressed look while eyeing Louis' hand. "I know who you are," he drawled, furrowing his brows. "Tell me what you were thinking when you decided to come here." His words made Louis scoff. "I always knew you were an arse." ~ Or the one where Harry is the pack leader of Doncaster with a dark past, and Louis is an independent omega with a past just as dark. Naturally, these two don't get along, but what if they are meant to be? Highest rankings: #8 in Stylinson 19/6-22 © 2022 Pauline (Larrys_Girl).


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Broken So...
by Larrys_Girl