Another Manager (Ak...
By LoveAi2
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Haikyuu!! x Kuroko no Basket A second-year manager for the Karasuno Volleyball Team and the same age as the Generation of Miracles. Original character, Akatsuki Ai 暁 愛, added to the Haikyuu storyline. (Takes place after the KnB anime. Kuroko and the others are second-years, but Hinata is a first-year.) Girlfriend of Teikō and Rakuzan's captain, Akashi Seijuro. *PLEASE READ the Author's Note or *SKIP TO CHAPTER 1.1 Endings and Beginnings when reading this book!!! *BEWARE!! This may contain more Haikyuu scenes than KnB. (Please don't be scared by the number of chapters. Some are shorter than others, and some "chapters" are copies of the same content.) *May edit while writing... Comments, suggestions, and critiques are always welcome! I have the same story on FanFiction.Net! Let me know if I should continue! Weekly updates on Sundays! ** I am currently taking a break from updating, in order to write drafts for Season 3! Chapter 3.1 Greetings will be published on August 21, 2022, followed by weekly updates on Sundays like before! Until then, I will be editing past chapters and planning future scenes. Please don't hesitate to comment or send me a message anytime! They can be requests, suggestions, or feedback! It can be about Haikyuu or KnB, and for any season of the two anime! #1 - teiko (11/2020) #1 - seijuro (12/2020) #20 - haikyuufanfiction #1 - knbfanfic (1/2021) #1 - akashiseijuro #2 - haikyuu #16 - ocstory #3 - anime (4/2021) #3 - crossover (5/2021) #1 - akashi #117 - fanfiction (7/2021) #2 - volleyball #918 - lovestory (9/2021) #2 - originalcharacter (10/2021) #1 - kurokonobasket #1 - kurokosbasketball #1 - kuroko-no-basket #1 - sugawarakoushi (2/2022) (P.S. You are reading the work of a Japanese, bilingual female who has spent a year of high school in Japan. Feel free to message me questions if any 😊) LoveAi21 (previously LoveAi2) Tumblr: LoveAi2 Twitter: LoveAi21

Author's Note

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Another M...
by LoveAi2