obsessed devils
By MoonLight_765
  • Romance
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  • brothers
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  • devils
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Cover credits :pagal_lahaiah this is just a crazy story written by me read at your own risk. 😑 this is the story of three best friends and three rich. egoistic boys who are obsessed of them. can the girls adjust with the obsessive behavior of the boys can they leave their past behind. girl 1:abhi i thought you loved me. boy1:sorry babes but it was just a dare given by my friends. girl 1:i hate you abhimanyu, i hate you.you would suffer for playing with my heart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ A dark yet luscious room is seen a girl was sitting in the floor hugging her knees. The room echoed her muffled sobs. Her eyes eyes losted its spark dark circles were under her eyes her soft silky skin had marks.marks of his democratic behavior. The sound of the creaking of the door made her raise her head.she saw him entering the room with an devilish smirk on his face.he took slow steps towards her fear consumed her.she gulped in fear.He raised his hands by seeing the thing in his hands she started to shake with fear.he was going to torture her more. girl 2:no please, please dont do it. please.. boy 2:oh my poor baby is it paining, haha bitch like you deserves pain. girl 2:what did i ever did to you. She faints there the boy kicked her stomach and leaves from there.


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by MoonLight_765