Beaten and Battered
By CodyandShenoa
  • Romance
  • adventure
  • christenpress
  • girlxgirl
  • kidnapping
  • lostsister
  • mute
  • preath
  • ptsd
  • selfharm
  • silent
  • soccer
  • taken
  • tobinheath
  • uswnt


(Original story by gabi42129 but we have permission to continue it) Lily Press... yes Press the lost sister of Christen Press. On a simple day, shopping at the mall, Lily is kidnapped and not found for 5 years. The now 17-year-old girl has a chance to escape the place she calls hell. But this chance is unpredictable. Christen Press feels terrible about her sister going missing all those years ago thinking it was her fault and scared that her teammates will think the same therefore they are yet to know about her best friend, sister, her other half. Even when young Lily and Christen, 12 and 17 they were inseparable nothing could separate them...but school. She was devastated when she couldn't find her little sister and is losing hope of ever finding her becoming more depressed as the days go on. Will she take this one time chance? Will she be walking to death's door or Christen's? Will, she ever receive the happily ever after she deserves? Will christen recognize the now 17-year-old girl? Or will she remain beaten and battered? Girlxgirl does involve triggering topics and cussing.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

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Beaten an...
by CodyandShenoa