My Possessive Ex Be...
By Disneylover3
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CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED AND THE NEW VERSION IS POSTED AND IS NOW CALLED PROMISED!YOU MAY READ EITHER VERSION, THE ONE I AM WORKING ON NOW WILL BE THE ONE I PUBLISH SINCE THE PLOT WILL BE MORE DEVELOPED AND IT WILL BE EDITED! HOWEVER, YOU CAN READ WHICHEVER ONE YOU WANT! HAPPY READING! LOVE YOU ALL! Belle Daniels is known among her family and friends for her sassiness, her fierceness, her sarcasm, and her amazing ability to take down a man with one well placed kick...where it hurts. Belle lived a normal teenage life, with her best friends Maria and Josh and her overprotective older brother, Derrick. But then Jake enters her life. Her brother's best friend, her crush, the boy she kissed years ago, forgotten, but not lost. He reappeared in her life as though he had never been gone, alarmingly possessive and dangerously attractive he poses a threat to Belle's otherwise normal life. Jake throws Belle's life into chaos. Nothing is at it seems, in a world full of werewolves, fairies, lies and love. Those who were closest to her reveal themselves for who they really are, in an unexpected turn of events she discovers herself, no longer an innocent teenage girl, but the key to something much larger, as well as finding her overprotective, extremely possessive, extremely attractive mate, one who refuses to let her go. She feels the connection, she feels the pull. The feeling of a mates love. Welcome to Belle's world, upside down. Note from the author- This story has no love triangle. The man on the right is her father after all. And that my friends would be weird. Enjoy the book! Highest ranking #4 in Werewolf


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My Posses...
by Disneylover3