Healy House Manor (...
By gracemadden1234
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💞 This story will be removed on 06/22/21 and made available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Cait Duffy became the woman she never wanted to be, without a job or much family, she's alone and nearly broke. After a heart wrenching breakup, she thought things couldn't get worse, until she received that one phone call that will change her life forever. Devin Healy has never been unsatisfied with his life. As a photo journalist for International Wildlife magazine, he's never really stayed in one place long enough to call it home. That is, until he received that one phone call that also changed his life forever. Cait's beloved Great Aunt, Aine Healy, had her own love story. A love that lasted only moments after the love of her life, Martin Healy, took his last breath. They were found lovingly holding hands in their bed by their personal caregiver only hours after they started a new journey to heaven. Blessed with 60 years of marital bliss, they unfortunately had no children of their own and most of their family gone. What will happen to their estate? An estate that included their beloved home, Healy House Manor. Their dream is for Healy House Manor to stay in the family and be brought back to its former glory, so how could they choose between her niece and his nephew? There's only one way, whoever earns it, keeps the entire estate. They must live in the home for one year and bring it back to its former glory. Join Cait and Devin as they compete for the Healy Estate. Whoever can last the year, gets the estate. If they both last, they must share it and it's never to be sold. How can two strangers with opposite personalities possibly make it a full year? Especially when the tables turn and the game becomes more than just an estate on the line. Copyright © 2020 by Grace Madden All Rights Reserved.

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Healy Hou...
by gracemadden1234