Loving Anastasia
By alluringathena
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"I need you to love me forever" ❦ Anastasia Gray the 17-year old who had been neglected her entire life. Despite all of that she tried her best to remain positive and look forward to life. Even if she knew deep down her life was a complete utter failure and is far from ever getting better. She knew her father was the devil but didn't he was utterly cruel enough to get her married to another devil once she had turned 18. Romeo Romano the notorious Italian mafia leader. A gorgeous, handsome, captivating, electable, fine, striking, in conclusion, a man who had it all when it comes to the perfect man. He would sleep with any woman who he had found attractive and appealing. He had to get married to Anastasia Gray for the sake of his mafia and business when he found he was absolutely furious. A new devil was introduced into her life. On their very wedding night, Romeo had ruthlessly taken her virginity in the back of a car with no care of the consequences. This resulted in Anastasia being pregnant with her first child. Despite making it crystal clear that Romeo didn't want the baby, Anastasia completely rebelled against his wishes and had kept her baby boy. She couldn't care if he didn't want it. *Formerly known as Anastasia's Baby*


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Loving An...
by alluringathena