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By YoonglesInfires
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'A maniac from the mental hospital has broken free, stay at your homes because it is not safe since the psyco has been accused of murder and torture cases. Make sure all the windows and doors are locked, stay safe. The police will soon catch him/her, untill then, don't get out. - - - He turned off the radio with trembling hands, thinking of how was he going protect himself and his friends if this personality disordered (?) Hoe attacks, but at the same time, it seemed quite impossible for someone to run off from Seoul and end up at this lonely highway that he was driving through ....right? - - - Horror AU Thriller AU Mystery AU Cover:- M Y S E L F. Started :- 28th Oct 2020 Ended :- XXX

00 : Intro

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The Road...
by YoonglesInfires