Lost In My Own Thou...
By AlyWrites_26
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My poems are written in English/Tagalog. Ever since, I have always preferred writing than voicing out my opinions. Writing is my comfort zone and I express myself through it. I've fought and won so many silent battles with just a pen and a paper in my hand. I write down all of my frustrations and after that, I always feel at ease. This is just a collection of the poems that I wrote. I'll add a new poem whenever I have a chance so, I'm not gonna promise to update this often. Whenever I feel like writing, I always look up to the night sky and just let myself get... Lost In My Own Thoughts (Char) Don't plagiarize because, PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY LAW ©All Rights Reserved. -AlyWrites

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Lost In M...
by AlyWrites_26