Rising Star (Yena X...
By Justarandomfan13
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Choi Yena X Reader (Male) You used to be a trainee under Woolliment entertainment. You loved performing until you were involved in a significant car accident, putting your idol dream to a halt. After almost giving up on the music industry in general, a little duck suggested using your talents to create music. You begin to fall in love with making music. To chase your infatuation with writing music, you became a song producer under your original label. You were receiving success early on in your career, being praised for creating such fantastic music. As your career begins to flourish, you were called in to help produce a song with the New group IZ*One. And there you meet the same little duck that helped you find your new career. My 2nd book. Any feedback would be great. This is going to be a slow burn book and will be heavily fluffed up like Given Courage but not as long.

1) Determination

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Rising St...
by Justarandomfan13