Percy Jackson: The...
By awesomeelsa
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IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RE-WRITTEN Otrera Hanji is just your average high school student, okay no, I take that back. I don't think normal high school students get kicked out of any school they go to EVERY YEAR! I also don't think that normal students witness their best-and only-friend get thrown into a wall by a mythical monster. Otrera is a Demigod and Grover brings her to camp one day. During a capture the flag game, Otrera is three gods at once? Find out what happens in this PJO FANFIC! ---- Please note that I made this when I was in grade five and although I'm re-writing it the storyline might still be low-grade. I'm aware of this, but my friend won't let me take the story down. I promise, however, that my other stories are better.

My Friend Grows Sheep Legs

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Percy Jac...
by awesomeelsa