Born to be || Honka...
By IndecentPlanc
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if Dr.MEI failed to seal The Final Herrscher? But rather sealed, The Final Herrscher lose its vessel.. What if The Final Herrscher came too soon than expected? And what if... The Final Herrscher is someone else? Until.. The author, decided to do it, after thinking it in his sleep This is just another story that I've been thinking a while and since I love Honkai Impact 3 ((especially Rita she's my number one waifu)) and of course why not put Season in a dire situation that he might die because of Kevin? Oh boy, we're going to have a long ride do we? Welp, I hope y'all enjoy! ((The book cover is not mine! It's some else's, and I don't own all of the characters except Season, most of them belongs to Mihoyo))

Act 1, Chapter 1

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Born to b...
by IndecentPlanc