The Little Angel (b...
By daydreamagic
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Everyone in Musutafu knew the little boy by the name of Izuku Midorya. Suffice to say he was an angel. Always smiling always trying to help. And most importantly always able to tame the not so angelic Bakugo Katsuki. When Bakugo got his quirk nothing changed. And you can bet that Midorya never had to see someone cry because when he was around no-one ever had any reason to be sad. Yes Bakugo still called him deku but everyone else, they called him angel. When Deku was diagnosed quirkless it didn't matter. No-one would ever raise a hand to the precious child. Not just because they feared the wrath Bakugo would let loose of they tried. Not that that wasn't true but because everyone cared for the small boy. And nothing would ever change. Right?

I want to be a hero

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The Littl...
by daydreamagic