Playing For Keeps
By itsmarrosee
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Elladine Taylor is a walking contradiction; a Tennessee girl who hates country music, a hopeless romantic who hates dating, an edgy biker who loves to dress up. Going into her freshman year of college in Chattanooga, she thought she finally had the opportunity to find herself - to figure out who she was really meant to be. But when her father gets the head coaching job for the football team at Michigan State, Elladine selflessly puts her family first and decides to transfer for cheaper tuition. With concerns for her mother always in the back of her mind, she throws herself into her school work to try and remove some of the stress off her dads shoulders, putting herself on the back burner. But when Dixon Ripley stumbles upon her path, she finally has something else to focus her attention on: keeping him at arms length. Dixon Ripley is the best offensive lineman that Michigan State has and even as a freshman, there was already buzz around him eventually getting drafted into the NFL. But he always made it his job to try and break stereotypes; he doesn't sleep around, he has outstanding grades, hates parties, and always puts others first. So when the team gets a new coach his sophomore year, he decides to take it in stride and make the most of it just like he does with everything else. But when he meets the coaches daughter, he makes it his duty to break down her walls and discover what she's hiding behind that tough exterior - if his best friend Atlas doesn't do it first. With two people playing the same game expecting different outcomes, destruction is bound to follow. They're both about to discover that no one wins when you're playing for keeps.

Playing For Keeps

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