Izuku Yagi the sin...
By armoredlord1115
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Izuku Yagi son of Tonshinori Yagi also known as All Might the number 1 hero and inko Yagi who was known to be psychic the number 4 hero. izuku was known to be an optimistic boy who was always looking forward for a new day and a bright future but things took a massive turn when at the age of 4 when Izuku and his sister Izumi went to the quirk doctor to get tested the results were not so pleasant. After the results Izuku was being neglected by his parents who were admiring and spoiling there daughter Izumi Yagi who got a powerful quirk while Izuku got none despite the bullying and treatment he never gave up in his dream and the sun was shining brighter on our cinnamon roll.

Where it all begun (Chapter 1)

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Izuku Yag...
by armoredlord1115