BNHA X Male Dog Rea...
By Mekobird6767
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Your Father was a German shepherd and your Mother was a Silver husky. Your parents were shelter dogs your father was adopted without your mom. She found out she was pregnant and hoped it was all girls. She gave birth then found out you were a boy she hated that you weren't were a girl. The Employees said that she might have rejected you so you had to be hand fed. You got your own cage for the little dogs you met your sisters and they looked like your mom. When they were able to get adopted they got adopted fast because they were adorable. You lost hope bit still tried to get adopted. . Then you got adopted by the bakugos mother. You guys have nice moments at times until something happens that changes your life. . . . . . . . . (Thanks to who ever is reading this book)

Chapter 1(The beginning)

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BNHA X Ma...
by Mekobird6767