More than a mate
By zarry_sucker
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💚 ZARRY FANFICTION💛 A pure love which is not bounded by a mate bond but more than that. It is not about just a mate destined by the Moon Goddess but a love which is MORE THAN A MATE bond!! .......................... Harry Styles a soon to be Alpha is excited to take his title and rule over the Bluemoon pack but at the same time he is not willing to accept a mate !! He have his own reasons of not wanting a mate in his life but what will happen when he will come across his golden-brown eyed mate ?!! Harry's world will turn upside down and his feelings will be left in conflict. ......... Zayn Malik a 17 years old human lad ,moves in Cheshire with his mother and a little sister. He is used to moving in new towns and new schools but this time the town and the school has something else for him. A Mate!!! ....... Stay tuned in the story to read about turning events in Zarry's life💚💛

Sneak peak

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More than...
by zarry_sucker