Light Academy: Maje...
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+++++ "There's no real ending. It's only a part were you stop the story." +++++ Light Academy is not your typical kind of School. It's not like your typical kind of School that focuses on Academics and Sports, but it focuses more one enhancing your magical abilities as well as training. It's a mysterious School that doesn't allow ordinary people to enter unless you have your flair. Within this School, students pass a test by winning a battle. Welcome to Light Academy. Were every power comes great responsibility. +++++ Curious on how the story goes? Read it. +++++ NOTE: A revised story of 'LIGHT ACADEMY: MYTHICAL KHYRS' since I can't open my main account. WARNING: I'm not a perfect and famous writer so expect typographical errors. +++++ Book 2: Light Academy: Finding Me +++ Date Started: Oct. 1, 2020 Date Finished: --- +belphegorrrr_2


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Light Aca...
by belphegorrrr_2