Carpe Noctem
By MarCafeWrites
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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here." On the cusp of the 20th century, blue blood heiress Lucy Penn has lost everything: her betrothed, her family and home, and even her ability to walk in the sunlight. As she struggles to acclimate to her new nocturnal existence, she makes the acquaintance of Dr. Thomas Reed: an intelligent and tortured immortal, still haunted by the horrors of his past. As the pair grow closer, Lucy becomes privy to a frightening world far below the surface of polite society, in which beings of ancient and unfathomable power live outside the confines of humanity. Carpe Noctem (or "Seize the Night") follows Lucy on her journey through the shrouded streets, eerie hospitals, and aristocratic parlors of nighttime London. As she seeks to exhume the insidious and terrifying purpose behind her transformation, Lucy finds herself drawn deeper into a dark nocturne world of unimaginable folklore and intrigue, begging the question: can love be found after death? ☆☆ FEATURED STORY ☆☆ - Wattpad Vampires! 1.8.21 - Wattpad Dangerous Love! 3.17.21 - Wattpad Dark Desires! 7.17.21 - General Fiction, Paranormal! 8.18.21 - Historical Fiction, The Gothic! 9.20.21 HIGHEST RANKINGS ~ #1 Carpe Noctem #1 Period Fiction #1 Nocturnal #3 Dracula #8 Best Books on Wattpad #10 Shakespeare #62 Cliffhanger #83 Must Read #548 Historical Fiction

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Carpe Noc...
by MarCafeWrites