Take a Breath(Bucky...
By Crisis34
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Bexley Bright, an amazing engineer who works at Stark industries. She's always seemed to be a loner to everyone around her, kept to herself and always tried to somewhat fit in. Though it's kinda hard to do so when you can change into a wolf at will. Now let's introduce Bucky Barnes, fresh from cyrofreeze and older than Queen Elizabeth...well she still gives him a run for his money. The thing about werewolves we've all read somewhere is that they have soulmates, and they don't choose them. So when Tony Stark takes an interest in Bexley and takes her to the avengers compound..well her nose still must be screwing around considering the fact no one is baking a blueberry pie in the workshop, but the blue eyed beauty might have something to do with it. -There will be swearing- *disclaimer, I don't own Marvel. Only Bexley and the plot* (This is a remake of a book I made a while ago and I changed a handful of things about it, I did take that one down though lol but feel free to read this one.)

Chapter 1: Life is Strange

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Take a Br...
by Crisis34