The Rogues
By _kaywrites
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Control. It's what Evelyn's known her whole life...being controlled by a croupt government run society called Detra. Detra's government controls every aspect of your life, from the job you work to the person you marry. "Giving perfect lives to perfect people", is Detras motto, but to Evelyn, her life is far from perfect. Seeing the faults in her society puts Evelyn at risk, knowing she'd be arrested if she shared a single thought.When on Evelyns 20th birthday the government forces her to marry an unbearable man, she finally reaches her breaking point, and flees Detra, leaving behind her government controlled life, and her vengeful husband. Evelyn crosses Detras boarders into a forbidden territory, and stumbles into an hidden society of Rebels called, " The Rogues" who take her in. But Evelyns greatest conflict, comes with trying to understand the secrets of coldhearted Rogue leader-Dominic Jones, who wants nothing to do with Evelyn. The Rogues biggest mission: Overthrowing Detras government. Evelyns new team are the only people who can pull it off. A Convict who can cut a punch through the air like a blade. A spy who's intelligence outwits his strength. A full blooded Rogue who isn't afraid of any battle. A refugee who can cock an arrow better than a joke. A runaway whose determination is as strong as her mind. A rebel with a heart of sympathy but a soul of vengeance. Evelyn slowly unravels secrets about herself. Will she unravel the secretes of Dominic too? Or end up breaking him even more than he's already broken.

1- Intro to Detra

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The Rogue...
by _kaywrites