The bad boys good g...
By loveontop155
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"What you see can really deceive you what you hear may be untrue that's my modo"-K.C. essence bell "You may see me, judge me,laugh at me but you don't no what i've been through you don't no my story" "Man that's sick I can't believe she did that behind the school" Xavier Chase I'm the bad boy of the school because I get into a lot of fights and I'm a boxer my best friends name is Alex but his nickname is Richie rich what people don't no is I am not a player no matter what rumors go around I'm not my father. (My first book if you have something bad to say keep it to yourself and don't reply it at all and if you don't like my book don't read it it's a choice no ones forceing you to read it that you)=-O:-D

The badboy's good girl are so he thought

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The bad b...
by loveontop155