Puppy Love and Sunf...
By ithinkikindayaknow
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Two people and two dogs, and the beginning of their love story. Nini works a desk job at a dance and vocal studio run by everyone's favorite couple, Seb and Carlos. She's sailor mouthed receptionist that goes broke to the swear jar everyday. Working alongside her brotherly figure, Ej, and his wife, Gina, makes life seem okay. She never had a dream job and is okay with this boring life she lives. Outside of work, her life revolves around her 7 month old golden doodle, Peeta, and her best friend Kourtney. She's been through the ringer when it comes to relationships and is so sick and tired of dating, until she meets Ricky. Ricky is the most laid back, surfer boy you'll ever meet. He gives surfering lessons and helps around his friend's surf shop when needed. Having lost contact with his mother, and losing his father to the afterlife years back, he considers Big Red and Ashlyn as his only family. Oh, and Rocco. He's about a 3 three yearold rescue golden retriever and is the light of Ricky's life. He often takes him swimming and out to the dog park. The same one where he met Nini. Now, Nini instantaneously fell in love with the boy and his pup right when they met. She wanted surfer boy more than anything. But there's one issue: Ricky has a girlfriend. And he doesn't seem to be wanting to give her up any time soon. Nini is devastated, but also up for the challenge. So, join your favorite group as they go on a journey through the trials and tribulations of Puppy Love and Sunflowers. Another role play between @LibbyLou814 and I. (She's Nini and I'm Ricky, and we fill in for the rest)

Chapter 1: Introduction

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Puppy Lov...
by ithinkikindayaknow