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By HoneyBearCloud
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All the sides had fears: For instance... Logan's was: loosing the ones he feels close to Patton's was: people getting hurt or something happening to the people he loved. Virgil was anxiety so he had no exact fear other then not being accepted and everyone dying so he is left by himself Everyone knew each others fear other then Romans, he never told anyone his fear because he believed it was stupid and everyone would make fun. But on a specific day what happens when a certain side enters his room can they help him overcome his fear and trauma? Or will he be left to suffer in silence? Warning???: Panic attacks, Self-doubt, Insecurities, Smut, Sleep deprived, Remus being caring, Deceit being deceit, Talk of self worth, Maybe a little self harm?? If your triggered I will put at the start of it and the end and the triggers will be at the start. (This is my first book so this will probably be bad)

Chapter 1

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by HoneyBearCloud