The Prisoner (Compl...
By Victoriad177
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"There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth." - Freidrich Nietzsche Colonel Banestre Tarleton is an unfeeling young officer, head of a regiment of British Green Dragoons during the American Revolutionary War. Grace Lewis is a bold and benevolent young women who's father is a major general in the American Continental Army. When Grace is captured by the infamous Colonel Tarleton she uncovers the true reason behind his cruel and unfeeling nature - a reason far deeper than the shallow facade he so skillful portrays. For the first time in his life Tarleton is brought to realize the chains that have been helplessly bounding him. Will she be able to help Tarleton finally choose freedom over his torturous personal slavery? Or will he be condemned to be forever remembered by future generations as a man who's very name conjured up nightmarish thoughts? Beautiful cover credited to @Retired_Watpad_Writr

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The Priso...
by Victoriad177