Agent 13
By satansnyx
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•The Assassin Series• "Too late as in I already cared about you. Too late as in I got so deep into my fascination of your simple existence that even the mere thought of hurting you, kills me!" -----«•»----- Sarcastic and Bitchy. Two great words to describe Alana Esposito. Alana Esposito is a charismatic assassin with a traumatic past. Well, she doesn't like to call it traumatic. She prefers quirky. It makes her more interesting. Very much like Luca Romano, the mafia leader she is assigned to kill. What happens when these two characters clash together? One trying to kill the other and the other simply interested in the witty girl. Will Alana get her wish and go home with a new paycheck? Or will she end up stuck with the cold mafia leader who has grown interested in the little thing? -----«•»----- WARNING: Mature Content, Mature Language, Sexual Content, Trigger Warnings, Sensitive Topics, etc.


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Agent 13
by satansnyx