The Idea of Anything
By FlowingPastYourStuff
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Dream doesn't remember anything from last night. All he remembers is briefly talking to a guy he hadn't spoken to since high school about a bar, and after that.. Just nothing. When he woke up during what he thought was the morning after, he felt completely bodied; patchy facial hair covering his chin and the steady beeping of a heart monitor to his right annoying him persistently. Something bad must of happened, but what? When he had finally pushed himself into a siting position, loud noises surrounded him. They felt foggy for a moment, his ears. ringing as he looked around, his head hurting as he tried to remember. In a moment he was surrounded by familiar and relieved faces, making him smile. "Hey Nick.. Darryl.." He looked around, seeing that Zak and Wilbur were there too, surprisingly. There was someone else there though, an unfamiliar face. His smile was wide enough to show his gums, and while it was absolutely adorable, Dream felt an unexplained horrible emotion take root in his heart. "Who... Who are you?" |SOME BASIC WARNINGS; THIS STORY FEATURES AMNESIA AND TRAUMATIC EVENTS (THEY WILL HAVE TWS WHEN MENTIONED). IF THIS TRIGGERS YOU, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.|

Chapter One|Welcome Back

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The Idea...
by FlowingPastYourStuff