A Million Little Mo...
By Squeaks7
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Beckham Foxx, a former Hollywood child star turned bad boy, moves to a small country town to escape a terrible scandal about to leak and the bad press that constantly follows him. It is time for him to start over. But not all the inhabitants of Cheshire Falls are as enamored with the superstar. Charlie Lane is a normal high school girl planning her escape from the one red light town she grew up in. She cannot wait for college and the freedom it will bring. Only problem, her mom wants her to stay and help out with the family business. She also seems to be the only girl in a fifty mile radius not infatuated by the washed up actor prowling the halls with the popular crowd. She can't stand him. He can't help wondering about the quiet girl who seems to hate him. Beckham should lay low, avoid trouble at all cost. Charlie doesn't need any blockades on the road to her future. Can these two learn that life isn't everything they plan for it to be? Sometimes, it's the little moments that make the biggest differences.

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A Million...
by Squeaks7