Haikyuu!: The Ex
By SenjuHaruhi
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HC: Haikyuu! Character Y/N: you Ex/N: Haikyuu character's ex girlfriend Just when Y/N thought that everything was going her way, she was suddenly faced with a painful break-up from HC. They have been dating for a while now, and everything seemed fine, until HC's ex girlfriend, his first love, returns in the picture. Ex/N wanted HC back, and the moment HC found out, he immediately accepted her back. He forgave ex/n despite hurting him in the past. HC broke up with Y/N cold-heartedly. It was as if the time they spent together was all nothing for him. Y/n decided that if HC doesn't want her anymore, then she'll just have to move on. She doesn't want to force HC to love her when clearly, HC was still very much in love with ex/n. As HC continues on in his life with his ex, now back to being his girlfriend, he finds himself subconsciously looking for Y/N presence. Their traditions and routines have grown on him and suddenly yearns for them. It was like he was only realizing it now that Y/N is no longer by his side. He got so used to y/n being there for him that he suddenly feels empty and agitated that she wasn't there anymore. He realizes that he has taken her for granted and now wants Y/N back. Note: This fan fiction is a compilation of reactions from different Haikyuu! characters on the same situation. P.S. Most of the pictures used on the cover is from the anime and manga. Some are fanarts from : @suncelia_art and @bellatrix_1225 so make sure to check out their twitter accounts for more haikyuu arts ❤️

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by SenjuHaruhi