cold coffee in the...
By nightingiall
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Nisha Lall is sort of used to living in the shadow of her older sister. She doesn't have anything against that. After all, she'd much rather hide out in a corner with a good romance novel than be in the spotlight. This proves to be somewhat tricky when she's chosen as her sister's maid of honor for her over-the-top Indian wedding and she can't seem to evade everyone's attention. She'd probably be able to handle it if it weren't for a certain blue-eyed best man who doesn't seem to notice how impossibly nervous she gets in his presence and has made it his mission to constantly seek her out. A story of hopeless romantics, an easter wedding, a maid of honor who has a really big crush on the best man, and a night in a tiny hotel room (with only one bed) that may or may not be the beginning of something. written for the 1dff discord server fic challenge; based on the "there was only one bed" trope with an easter twist.


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cold coff...
by nightingiall