A Different Kind Of...
By Hannah_that1fangirl
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Kihyun widened his eyes as he suddenly felt Shownu's lips against his. It was fast and somewhat sloppy. He could taste the bitter flavor of alcohol on his mouth, and now smell it so strongly off of him. The daydreams of fireworks and butterflies slowly faded from his mind, seeming like silly childhood thoughts from so long ago. For as long as he could remember he'd longed to kiss Shownu, to feel his lips between his own... But never did he imagine it'd be like this... _________________________________________________________________________________ Kihyun has had a crush on his senior Shownu for as long as he could remember. The small boy was sometimes scared of just how strongly he felt about the older male, and has fantasized about what it'd be like if they were together a million times. One night, he may finally get the chance to actually know... But what happens when things don't turn out exactly how he imagined? This definitely is A Different Kind Of Love. _________________________________________________________________________________ Book 2 This is a spin-off of a Hyungwonho fanfiction A Certain Kind Of Hatred. You don't necessarily have to read that one first, but it may make parts of it easier to understand. [contains some mature content] {but also lots of fluff}

Part 1

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A Differe...
by Hannah_that1fangirl