" Len, Suki Da...
By LizRelon092
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" Len, I like you. " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would say that in this AU, its nothing different from the original but the only difference is that Garby knows how to speak Japanese. Nothing too different from the original Garby. ( The idea of this was the fact Garby can speak phrases but doesnt know how to speak Japanese, and the title is inspired by the fanfiction ' Tsuki-dayo ' ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garby suddenly arrives to the Philippines, to meet Len and Sukie as they agreed on meeting eachother. Garby wasn't able to find a place to stay so he had to stay over with Len for the time being. Garby then tells Len that he can speak Japanese, Len wasn't too surprised but still proud. As time progresses, they started getting closer to eachother ( and Sukie being the lenny-faced third wheel in the background ), they start developing feelings until one day Garby says... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: I do not know everything about GarbyVA, SukieOnline, LenTotally and the others who are included in this story, so don't get mad if my data is wrong, instead, just correct me. Warning: This Fanfiction will contain the ship ' Garen ' or ' LenTotally x GarbyVA ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🏅Ranks:


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" Le...
by LizRelon092