Lady of The Lake
By purebloodcrybaby
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"His eyes have always watched her like a wolf circling a lamb. A childhood game grew dark, and dangerous. And now, he's addicted and she's the prize he craves." Estelle Vaile's parents, Cordelia and Calin, were another two victims of Lord Voldemort's first reign of terror, and she was just another unavoidable orphan of the war. Cordelia's family, The Greengrass Family, stepped up to raise the sweet, gentle girl with the help of Cordelia's childhood best friend, Narcissa Malfoy. Draco and Estelle's relationship is no longer the innocent childhood best friendship it used to be. Now, they're old enough for the complexities of high wizarding society to manipulate their every thought. But how will their years at Hogwart's influence their strange relationship? Year One: Complete! Year Two: Complete! Draco Malfoy/OFC/George Weasley extreme slow burn.


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Lady of T...
by purebloodcrybaby