Cyber Bully (NaLu)
By AllOfTheLittlePeople
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Published September 28, 2014 Completed Lucy Heartfilia. The girl who was branded as the school's biggest nerd. Lucy was unhappy with her life. She never once had someone be so kind to her as to be her friend. Everyone was just brutal, no mercy for her whatsoever. They didn't know of her home life. Rather, they didn't care. They didn't care that even at a young age, Lucy went home to an empty house. While all the other children were able to be greeted by their family's. Lucy didn't have a family of her own. Her parents were murdered a year after her birth. She was put in a foster home, and even then her foster parents could care less about her. At the age of 6, Lucy ran away from that life. But she wasn't able to escape her bullies. That was, until, Lucy got the chance to leave all of it behind. She was older and had enough money to leave. She moves to a new town. A new school. Lucy figured it wouldn't be that easy to escape all the bad people in life. So she prepared herself. She prepared herself for everything. As so she thought. She meets the most popular kids in the school and learns new things. She falls in love for the first time, just to have it smashed into pieces. After that, Lucy thought she could never trust anyone ever again. She figured everyone was against her and that she'd be alone forever. Forever is a long time and Lucy knew she couldn't make it. She had to escape her life. The only way she knew how to. Maybe she moves again, maybe she deals with it, maybe it's death. THIS IS AN ORDER: DONT YOU DARE PUT OTHERS DOWN FOR YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE! IT HURTS THEM! IT MAKES THEM FEEL UNWANTED! IT COULD LEAD TO SUICIDE! DONT BULLY! IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL, PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU, GET HELP! DONT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF IF SOMEONE IS MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT! OR IF YOU FEEL AS IF YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! YOU WEREN'T PLACED ON THIS EARTH TO TRY TO GET OFF IT

Chapter 1

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Cyber Bul...
by AllOfTheLittlePeople