To Love Somebody...
By ThatWhittakerFan
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We've all had that crazy celebrity crush when we were young. You may have had a fan account or three, perhaps followed them if they had social media, and you definitely tried to find out everything about them. Most of all, even if you're older, you still have fantasies of meeting them, getting photos together, autographs. But what if that dream actually came true? ---------------------- After almost sixteen years having her heart flutter by Jodie Whittaker, Y/N finally gets her chance not only to meet her, but to star alongside her as a love interest. But as they get closer off and on screen, Y/N realises it definitely isn't just a crush. It's much more. And Jodie knows it too. ---------------------- WARNINGS: contains (sometimes strong) homophobic language, swearing, violence, mentions of self-harm and suicide. Also may contain smut. A separate set of warnings will be issued for each chapter. NOTE, PLEASE READ: This is, as mentioned in the above warnings, a much more mature book than my others. It isn't officially rated mature and I will watch myself, but if it is I apologise if it means you can't/ don't want to read this story. I do have two (very) similar books that aren't rated mature (Always In My Head, She) but do include homophobic people, a bit of swearing, mention of suicide once in the former one, and the potential smut chapters are skippable and don't apply to the plot. Enjoy :)

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To Love S...
by ThatWhittakerFan