Thinking Out Loud
By bahxfeliciax
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Lauren and Camila have been friends since the beginning of their time on The X-Factor. Although there was a spark of competition between them when the show first started, that all dissipated when they were grouped together along with Dinah, Normani, and Ally. The girls instantly bonded, creating a friendship that was unbreakable. The fame that they have gained since 2012 is increased drastically. But, along with that fame comes the pressure and the spotlight. Thankfully, after a summer full of touring, the girls are off for a four day break in their hometowns before they are set to head out of the country to open up for Austin Mahone. But when Camila and Lauren begin to spend time alone again, away from the girls, will things change? After all, they are still teenagers trying to figure out who they really are and want they want in life. And what if what they want happens to be a relationship with their best friend?

Chapter One

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by bahxfeliciax