The Curse of Pinewo...
By HarryPotterFan15
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Pinewood Hills, a small town with a huge secret, is said to be haunted. Most don't believe in the tales of ghosts roaming the streets after dark, but those who do believe travel to Pinewood Hills to reconnect with those they've lost. Aria Steinberg wants to believe. She has to if she ever wants to see her grandfather again, for you can't see what you don't believe in. If visiting Pinewood Hills will allow her to speak to her grandfather again, she's willing to put up with the supposedly mad people that call Pinewood Hills home. When Aria discovers that ghosts are in fact very real, and that the town is cursed, she wants nothing more than to leave, to get back to her old life. But the spirits can't let her leave, not when she is the only one who can help them. The only one who can break the curse and set them free.

Chapter 1

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The Curse...
by HarryPotterFan15