The Princess and th...
By HarryPotterFan15
  • Fantasy
  • king
  • mage
  • magic
  • monsters
  • prince
  • princess
  • prison
  • prisoner
  • queen
  • rebel
  • rebellion
  • rebels
  • royal
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  • shawrocketfundcontest
  • spy
  • war
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Princess Vera Nastali has lived in the kingdom of Sarnicos her whole life. She knows nothing outside the palace walls, and is perfectly content to follow orders and stay safe from the war that rages outside. When Vera meets a certain prisoner, a young spy from an enemy kingdom, she begins to question everything she knows... including herself. Alexandra Lee, a spy from the outer kingdoms, has spent her life training for the moment that she would take down the kingdom of Sarnicos from the inside. The plan was flawless, but when one of her own people betray her, she ends up in a prison cell on enemy lines. When Alexandra meets the princess, she quickly discovers that she isn't like most nobles, and realizes that Sarnicos may not be as bad as she first thought.

Chapter 1

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The Princ...
by HarryPotterFan15