Gamble of Queens
By Enomi_4
  • Adventure
  • aphrodite
  • apollo
  • artemis
  • endoftheworld
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
  • greekkmythology
  • percyjackson
  • poseidon
  • someangst
  • someromance


The daughters of greek gods and goddesses seek out help from a camp after they found out the world was ending. Knowing nothing about their godly parent they must figure out how to stop the end with the powers they have before its too late. Heyo! This story is heavily based on the book series Percy Jackson! I do plan on using some characters and the camp in this story. I do not take any claim for the characters from Percy Jackson only the ones I add in. The summary isn't the best but it'll probably change once I have the story going. I'm not for sure how long the book will be and if I'll make any more, it kinda all depends on if I get major writers block. I will try my best tho to keep it updated! That's all for now!

As Time Goes By

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Gamble of...
by Enomi_4