Reunited, Miles Apa...
By hazelvictoria22
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One day it'll be a one way ticket is the quote that Gabrielle and Maddix live by everyday they're apart. They both work to keep their relationship work while trying to focus on college at the same time. One thing keeping them apart. Distance. Long distance relationships are never easy for anyone, especially for two college students who live across the country from each other. Gabrielle Jacobs and Maddix Humphries never signed up for a long distance relationship. Gabrielle taught Maddix how to love, will he be the one to remind her what they're love really means when they hit their lowest point? Gabrielle Jacobs fell deeply in love with her long time boyfriend of two years. Maddix changed her world once he handed her a napkin with his number on it after he left the ice cream shop she worked at. Senior year took a turn when she got into her dream school, West Virginia University. She knew it would break Maddix's heart to hear that but she knew he would support her. Maddix Humphreys laid eyes on Gabrielle and instantly knew she was the one. She taught him how to love. She didn't teach him just to love, he learned how to love her, but to love the small moments in life. Will the distance between them make them stronger or will the distance break what they thought was their strong relationship?

Reunited, Miles Apart

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by hazelvictoria22