The Meaning Of Bein...
By Silver_B657
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+ A world where superpowers called Quirks have become normal in society and heros and villains constantly face off day and night to keep the peace and make people feel hoping that everything will work out. That is something that many heroes try to maintain...but there are times when there are people who need the help of heroes more than ever and there is always that gap in which thanks to heroes people can become villains...but there is something worse...something that heroes,villains and society itself can create...something that can lead to absolute destruction thanks to a single person with a mind that was destroyed thanks to so much who will not care what he is order to fulfill his objective he will do whatever it takes...and there is only one person who can stop that who was created with that same objective -All Dragon Ball Characters belongs to Akira Toriyama / All My Hero Academia Characters Belongs to Horikoshi Kouhei -All images in the book belong to their respective authors

Chapter 1 - A New Chance In Life

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The Meani...
by Silver_B657