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*Going Through Major editing* "You can be a Pikachu..." "You can be energy.." "But I'll love you either way.." *First ever story* In a trainerless world, Pika, a reluctant thirteen year old Pikachu sets out on a journey to find his parents, who disappeared ten years prior. He also sets out to find who... or what.. he is. Meanwhile, Ami, a playful, kind and caring Eevee Leaves her mom to see new places and meet new people. Follow Pika, Ami, and a few others as Pika discovers his passion, finds a new reason to live, creates new norms, and finds another form of love... In one Eevee. Is it destiny? Or something beyond? Another question, will they be able to end a long term fight together? *Before I start.. I don't own Pokémon, Obviously.. All the rights go to the Gamefreak developer people. Next, I was writing this before I decided to post this on Wattpad. And now... On to the Adventure!*

1: Life Alone-Pika

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by SinningFlame