guilty (ymir x read...
By atolla
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"it's not my fault my neighbor is hot" y/n is a (struggling) university student who lives in an apartment right next to a person she would like to get "mowed down by" of course that's just a dream- the god on earth she calls her neighbor is dating. y/n keeps her feelings private and on her twitter where she thirsts after said neighbor. "what she doesn't know doesn't hurt her" ymir *is* that neighbor. she lives her life blissfully unaware of y/n's attraction. all she knows is that y/n is the cute girl next door who feeds the strays in the neighborhood. it's adorable there isn't a purer person alive. ymir's relationship- if you could even call it that is dry and boring. they're together in name only at this point. "let's end this annie" one miss text and y/n and ymir's perceptions of each other are shattered. maybe that's for the best though...


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guilty (y...
by atolla