(there is) no time...
By shallows
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On his way towards the rest of their friends in the booth by the back of the pub, Niall finally spots Aisling's auburn hair and glittery dress standing near the wooden table. He'd be lying if he didn't think that she looked quite pretty. Niall's always known Aisling to be pretty, in a way that he knows that thunder follows lightning during a storm and that the sun always shines the brightest in the summer. It was just a universal thing. But tonight, he finds that he's entirely hyperaware of Aisling's prettiness. And he isn't quite sure what to do about that. A (short) story about at blonde-haired boy and an auburn-haired girl trying to convince the world that they aren't lonely, and how time really isn't of the essence. thank you leigh for the cover

part one // 11:34

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(there is...
by shallows