Cheers [ Dream SMP...
By floofiekins
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[ Dream SMP x Reader x Other MC Youtubers ] If anyone mentioned in this book wishes for me to take this down, I will. -+- You were surprised when you, a small streamer, got a bigger community, but accepted it with cheers, but what if I told you that that community would grow even bigger, meeting huge names, amazing fans, and a lovely story? -+- No I do not own these humans, or you. All credit goes to these amazing people, including you! (Yes, you are amazing.). This will be a female reader, but any other gender is welcome, as I will usually use gender neutral pronouns! This will loosely be based off of what happens in actual streams, as I am unable to access them at the moment, but I will include many elements from them! I will also include some other names in this book, such as Technoblade, so stay tuned for that!

Author's Note

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Cheers [...
by floofiekins