The Four Misfits
By LizEveTheGreat
  • Teen Fiction
  • abused
  • broken
  • courage
  • crazy
  • friendship
  • humor
  • leftalone
  • legalgaurdian
  • lives
  • living
  • mad
  • orphaned


Two best friends Ava Harper and Avery Wilson live in C.H.A (Children Help Association) Number 18. Atleast that's what they call home. Two boys which are new additions to the C.H.A meet the two girls. Will the not-knowing-when-to-shut-up Ava and exactly-knowing-when-to-shut-up Avery see through them or will they just ignore them like anyone does to new additions. * * * * Ava was jumping on the bed and singing at the top of her lungs and Avery was telling her to shut up while she was in the shower. Suddenly the door opens and in comes two boys. "Hey, how can I help you? Are you lost? Is the demogorgon chasing you? Oh no you can't be-" Ava is cut midway by Avery, "SHUT THE HELL UP AVA!" "That would be my bestie. Anyways, why are you here?" Ava says looking at the two boys. "Uh.......... actually I think we got the wrong room number-" One boy starts but gets cut off by the other one. "We got the right number, Jacob. " He says to the first one then turns to Ava. "I am Mason. And Mrs. Wallyard said that the only room free here is this one-" he got cut off by Ava. "Oh hell to the no! I am not sharing a room with two boys." Ava said jumping out of the bed and shutting the door in their faces. "What was that?" Avery asked for who had just came out of the shower. "Oh that......uh.....I just shut the door in the demogorgon's face." She said grinning widely at Avery who rolled her eyes. * * * * Accompany the humorous attempts of four misfits, all having their own share of dark pasts, to get together and try to not only survive, but live through their lives. One left, one abused, one orphaned, and one broken. Will they shatter under the pressure of fitting into this world, or will the world bend to the ways they manage to balance through the toughest of times? Anyways..... Thanks for giving this book a try! 💖

The Four Misfits

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The Four...
by LizEveTheGreat