On My Way to You
By apparentlyelle
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Warning: RWB spoilers ahead. Some say the best love stories often take time. Emery Chernychevsky has had a crush on Cameron Brooks since he can remember. Watching him date different girls all throughout high school was nothing if not pure torture, especially when he knew he didn't stand a chance against any of them. Safe to say, he spent his single years in a long-term ache he did not once divulge to anyone, but even that did not come close to the night Cameron confessed. The night Cameron confessed his undying love for someone else. Realizing that he was hopelessly and irretrievably in love with Cameron wasn't easy, and finding out that Cameron was hopelessly and irretrievably in love with his best friend was no picnic either. Things weren't certainly made better when their friends decided to spend the entire summer holed up together in Blake's summer house, putting Emery's initial plan of getting over Cameron before he starts college into a ten-week-long agonizing pause. Of course, be that as it may, fate has had a nick of testing Emery's patience... as it only gets a little worse━then, a little better━and right back to irremediable worst of worst from there. Spin-off to Rage With Benefits. Can be read as a stand-alone but a number of references will be made from the first book.

On My Way to You

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On My Way...
by apparentlyelle