Accused Pedophile
By Blingzyy
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A ROM-COM series originally written by Blingzyy. Sebastian Miller? a Pedophile? a rising Multimillionaire nang-aabuso ng bata? nakakahinayang naman kung ganun. "Bash- I mean Mr. Miller Please Stop Abusing the Twins! alam ko! Oo! inaabuso mo sila- Why don't you send them to any Orphanage? tutal di mo namn sila Anak diba?" " Shut up! you know nothing, leave my house I don't need a nanny na pakealamera, and a matter of fact they're my offsprings idiot!" Dinuro niya ko " They're my Daughter's so if you excuse me you're on my lawn, please leave" ha! Mr. Sebastian Miller? Single Father? impossible! No no no! still inaabuso niya yung anak niya! " hey! nanny!" tawag niya saken. " Baket? umaamin kana?" " Do you know I could send you to jail for Accusing me without any evidence and for causing Public scandal? really? sa birthday ng anak ko?" afatay! I'm doomed!!! I forgot that thing!!! aaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaAAAAaa!

Accusing him as Pedophile

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Accused P...
by Blingzyy