Rescue My Drowning...
By Tiffanyluvss
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|Bad Boy| "Could you take care of a broken soul?"-Jess Glynne Blaze Xander is alluring, attractive, and severely charming. All the girls at Homewood University are dying to be in his arms. But what they don't know is: a traumatic and painful past has landed him with the issue of Sociopathy(ASPD) which means he's unable to feel emotions like love or attachment. On the flipside, he's heartless, apathetic, and cunning; severely manipulative and deceiving. He's obsessed with acquiring anything he lays his eyes on and won't stop until he gets it. When he sees shy and tiny first-year, Harmony Skye, the 'demons' inside him instantly becomes attracted to her angelic aura. But for Blaze Xander 'attracted' is never anything good. Harmony Skye is a shy freshman. She has never had an intimate relationship before, and due to being sheltered all her life, interaction with the opposite sex makes her a bit anxious. When she meets Blaze, his outgoing and adventurous personality intrigues her. Harmony is unaware that this handsome second-year is out to get her, for impure reasons that she's too innocent to decode. And what she also doesn't know is that getting close to this empty creature could hurt her in the most emotionally detrimental way. |Sociopathy-Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others. (Taken from |Rankings #1- badboygoodgirl (04/02/2021) #1- rising (13/1/2021) #1- college romance (25/10/2020) #1- college student (25/10/2020) #2- teen romance (18/11/2020) #8- bad boy (19/11/2020) #33- teen fiction (19/11/2020) |Copyrighted JIPO.LTD. ⚠️This book is heavily copyrighted, hence no plagiarism is allowed.

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Rescue My...
by Tiffanyluvss